The korgis - everybodys got to learn sometime (n-r-g remixes)

Their next single, from their second album Dumb Waiters (1980) was " Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime " (1980), a hit on both sides of the Atlantic , hitting Number 5 in the UK [1] and 18 in the US. The album reached Number 40 in the UK in 1980 and was followed by the singles "If It's Alright With You Baby" and "Rovers Return". The commercial breakthrough that accompanied the release of their second album and the resulting singles was not enough to keep them together, however, and Davis departed the band prior to the recording of their third album, Sticky George , despite having a number of songwriting credits on the album. The lead single from Sticky George , "That Was My Big Mistake", was released under the name 'James Warren & The Korgis' to denote the fact that Davis and Warren had now gone their separate ways. By the end of 1980 Gordon and Harrison had also departed the band; subsequently the band was augmented by the arrival of guitarist John Baker, drummer Roy Dodds, and keyboardist Maggie Stewart. This line-up went on to promote "Everybody's got to learn" and subsequent singles on European TV and promotional appearances. The following year the band was joining by flautist Steve Buck; and was contemplating a Korgis Live show that ultimately failed to materialise; leading the band to dissolve and Warren to go solo in 1982. The single "Don't Look Back", originally a demo from the Sticky George sessions, was however remixed by Trevor Horn , at the time best known for his work with The Buggles , Dollar and Yes , and issued by London Records in the summer of 1982. A follow-up single with Horn, "Endangered Species", was planned but never materialised.

When the Fab Four parted ways at the close of sixties, the band’s chief frienemies John Lennon and Paul McCartney both saw their divorce as a liberation, a chance to pursue their true artistic callings. For The Cute Beatle this meant finding a home atop Billboard’s charts with a fun but forgettable series of silly love songs. Meanwhile The Smart Beatle sought a nobler path and created some of the most earnest, achingly humorless songs ever put to wax. I guess it’s true that the children (in this case, fans) suffer the most in divorce.

The Korgis - Everybodys Got To Learn Sometime (N-R-G Remixes)The Korgis - Everybodys Got To Learn Sometime (N-R-G Remixes)The Korgis - Everybodys Got To Learn Sometime (N-R-G Remixes)The Korgis - Everybodys Got To Learn Sometime (N-R-G Remixes)